Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) have grown over the years to become one of the highly coveted and most respectable market-led awards in Islamic banking and finance in the world. It is a prestigious label of excellence that recognises governments, institutions and individuals who have exhibited outstanding achievements in their respective fields, contributing to the sustainability of Islamic banking and finance as a viable system within the global international financial architecture.

Founded in 2011 by Edbiz Corporation as part of its advocacy for Islamic banking and finance, GIFA celebrate the achievements of individuals, institutions and governments in promoting and advocating Islamic banking and finance, and ensuring that it remains committed to social responsibility. As the most prestigious awards in Islamic finance, GIFA promote social responsibility, Shari'a authenticity and commitment to Islamic banking and finance. GIFA acknowledge excellence and best practices in Islamic finance in various categories ranging from industry players to service providers, Shari’a scholars and academicians in various sectors within Islamic finance. Every year, the GIFA Awards Committee recognises institutions and individuals from around the world for their exceptional contributions to the development of Islamic banking and finance.

GIFA award ceremonies are held annually designed to highlight, encourage and reward exceptional performance and contributions to the growth of the global Islamic banking and finance community with an ultimate objective of promoting social responsibility, adherence to Shari’a authenticity and commitment to Islamic banking and finance. Being the only global Islamic finance awards programme, GIFA winners come from all corners of the world, from the USA to Indonesia, and from the UK to Kazakhstan and Eastern Europe. The coverage of GIFA is comprehensive, as we include all the industry stakeholders from politicians to academicians that have played leadership roles in their respective fields.