Each year, GIFA nominations are announced in the first and second quarter and remained open till the end of the second quarter of the year. Nominees are requested to submit to the Nominating Committee relevant supporting documents.

Nomination Process

1. Select an award category or categories to enter a nomination
Complete the online nomination form where you are invited to submit the main details of your nomination. You will receive a confirmation email upon the successful submission of your nomination.

2. Provide relevant information and documents
Nominees are to submit supporting documents highlighting performance and achievements that best fit with the nomination.

3. How nominations are assessed
Each award nomination is assessed on the combination of information provided as well as on information complied by the Research Team. A short list is prepared and then discussed by the Nominating Committee. The final shortlisted nominations are presented the GIFA Awards Committee for deliberations.

4. Ensure the best possible presentation in nominating for an Award
The quality of the submission will ultimately determine whether an institution or individual is short-listed or not. There are some simple rules recommended:

  •   • Do not copy and paste marketing material
  •   • You may enter more than one category but please do not use the same material for each entry

5. The GIFA Awards Committee decision is final
All decisions made by the GIFA Awards Committee are final. In entering for an award, you acknowledge that the decisions made by the committee are final and irrevocable and cannot be subsequently challenged.

6. Awards winners notified
All successful nominees will be informed of the outcome and invited to the GIFA Gala Dinner for the award presentation.